US accuses Russia of endangering peace; Russian diplomat’s counter-attack – spreading false fears

US accuses Russia of endangering peace; Russian diplomat’s counter-attack – spreading false fears

Tensions between Russia and the United States over Ukraine have not abated. Diplomats from both countries clashed during a vote on the Ukraine issue at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Monday. The United States has said in a statement that Russia is threatening to “bring peace” to the region by gathering troops on the Ukrainian border. At the same time, Russian diplomats retaliated by accusing the United States of spreading false fears.

US accuses Russia

In the midst of all these allegations, US President Joe Biden has also warned Russia in a threatening tone at the UN Security Council. “If Russia is willing to address our security concerns through negotiations, then only the United States and its allies will move forward,” Biden said. Instead, Russia would face dire consequences if it invaded Ukraine.

Creating distance from voting

India has chosen the middle path by not participating in this vote. India has very good relations with both Russia and the US, and if they side with both, it will have a negative effect on bilateral relations. India has chosen to stay away from this issue out of self-interest.

America is waging war

“The situation we are facing in Europe is dangerous,” said US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the UNSC meeting. Russia’s military buildup on the border with Ukraine shows an aggressive pattern. If the Russians invaded Ukraine, none of us would say we didn’t know about it beforehand. At the same time, Russian diplomat Vasily Nebenzia called the United States a “provocative country.” He says America wants war. Although Russia had no plans to invade Ukraine.

“Russia wants peace in the region, but the United States and its allies are trying to weaken Russia over the country,” Nebenzia said. They are creating unnecessary tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The Security Council meeting was adjourned for two hours without any action. After Nebenzia left, U.S. diplomats said the Russians did not respond to our expectations.

Diplomats from Russia and Ukraine will meet in Berlin

. Russia and Ukraine have agreed to a ceasefire after an eight-hour meeting in Paris last week. The two countries are set to meet again in Berlin soon. Tensions between the two countries have continued since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Last year, Putin deployed 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, and the crisis escalated.

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