U.S. officials say troops have not been sent to Ukraine, but war is still averted

U.S. officials say troops have not been sent to Ukraine, but war is still averted

The United States has kept its troops on high alert despite a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia. In this regard, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that no troops have yet been sent in response to the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. We have kept the troops on high alert. On Friday, Lloyd Austin called on Russia to pursue a diplomatic path without invading Ukraine.

U.S. officials

The border could be de-escalated, said General Mark Millie, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. He can order the withdrawal of his troops. The war in Ukraine can still be avoided. If there is a war, there will be a huge number of casualties. You can imagine how horrible it would be.

If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States may send troops to evacuate its citizens. According to U.S. officials, there are currently 35,000 U.S. citizens in Ukraine, of which 7,000 are registered with the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Kiev.

Biden warns US President Joe Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against threatening to attack Russia. On Thursday, he said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, Vladimir Putin would have to pay a personal price. The White House has threatened to impose sanctions on Putin personally.

In Biden’s speech, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear that “we have no intention of invading Ukraine.” We do not want to start any kind of war. However, Lavrov also made it clear that the Russians have the same right to defend their country as any other country.

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