These four medicines increase the bridegroom for health, and increases the resistance to disease

It is very important to take care of health care in this winter. Health experts say that this season increases the risk of many diseases. People with weakening diseases are victims of diseases with cold, sir, along with the weather change. To avoid such problems, people need special health care. According to health experts, all people have to pay special attention to eating habits in this season. Path, medicines and many types of herbal enjoyment increases the ability to prevent disease by providing internal heat in the body.

These four medicines increase the bridegroom for health, and increases the resistance to disease



According to the dieticians, drinking tea tea in the winter is not only for taste, but also for health is also beneficial for her health. For many years, people are beneficial to play a lot of medicines by mixing many medicines. Let’s know about some medicines on the bottom slide, from which tea made can be proved very beneficial for your health.

Mixed Tulsi leaves

The genre of making the building has been in the country for many years. Tulsi works an extremely effective antioxidant, which it works to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Tulsi tea is helpful to provide protection from many types of infections and to give strength to the body. It is considered very beneficial in trouble like cold-cough.

It has been used in every house as perfume spice. Studies have shown that increasing the resistance of electricity protects against many seasonal diseases. Black or big circle has been used for a long time in the treatment of cold, cough and respiratory diseases. It can also be used in Kabath.

Black pepper in all the spices living in our kitchen

Considered to be the most beneficial. Studies have found that there are extensive mineral components with black marching vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants and antibacterial features. They help to reduce cough and flux symptoms as well as increasing the disease of body disease. Eating black pepper with honey in the morning is considered helpful to prevent cold.


Ginger has been used for years to increase tea taste. Studies have shown that the active compound found in Zinjerk may be helpful to increase body diseases. Ada’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features work to protect the body from infection in winter. Ginger is considered beneficial to eat ginger in case of throat pain and flour.


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