The urban explorer opened the closed house for many years after seeing the dog’s thorn hanging from the narrow roof.

Urban adventurers are getting a lot of discussion on social media these days. These people find old things and share their inner privacy with people. Many urban explorers have worked to find things that are unimaginable. Sometimes someone finds a body in an old house and sometimes someone finds hidden treasure. Recently, a German urban explorer shared a picture on social media inside a house where the body of a dog was found hanging. These corpses had been hanging for a long time, and now only their bones could be seen.

The name of this urban explorer from Germany is Arbexar Giakachin. In the house where he set foot, he saw dog bones hanging from the roof, the walls of which were covered with ice. In addition, many rooms are filled with garbage. When the urban explorer saw these bones at home, he screamed for once. But then he tries to figure out the secret behind them. A search of the house reveals the real secret of these bones.




Anyone who sees these dog bones will be shocked.

Letters kept in a room of the house show that at one time many big people lived in this house. All these bones were his. This urban explorer said on Facebook that the owner of this house had many dogs. In addition, many types of bills were found in the house, which were not paid. Urban Explorer speculated that due to non-payment of these bills, the debtor must have fled. However, it is not known whether these animals have any relation with these bills. However, after seeing these pictures, people commented on the Facebook group – Abandoned Beauties Facebook Group and wrote that if these are not dog bones then a priest should be called immediately.




The dried bones were hanging from the roof like this

One user wrote that bones should be examined. If it is human, then the matter is serious. At the same time another user wrote, are these really dog ​​bones. If so, it’s very scary. At the same time, many people are surprised to see the bones hanging like this. One writes that it is strange to see meat hangers inside the house. At the same time, many also wrote about this part of the house as meat preservation. Maybe the homeowner saves the meat here. But why only dogs? Strange people busy solving the mystery of this house. However, no trace of the owner of the house has been found so far.

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