The haunted city of Texas abandoned by Shitri almost 100 years ago

A city where people don’t live, a city where there is no post office, no water, no electricity, yet there are some people who don’t even need it. They do not need air, water, electricity, shops, rations, vehicles. They just take comfort and annoy the rest. We’re talking ghost town.

The town of Bartlett in Texas is known as the city of ghosts. According to researchers, the city became depopulated 100 years ago. Now some old pictures of it have come to the fore. In which the horrors of this city are clearly seen. But wonder how this once bustling city was haunted. After all, what happened there that made people panic? No one has the answer to these questions. This secluded, uninhabited town in Bartlett, north of Austin, the capital of Texas.

haunted city



M.Social Media: In a secluded city, all industries had to close and leave home

After 100 years, the picture of Ghost Town has come to the fore
A city of about 1600 people, now deserted. In the last 100 years, the picture here has not changed at all. Between 1929 and 1933, people gradually began to leave. There was no source of income left. There were no basic necessities for survival. It was just a crisis of starvation and famine. According to researchers, every livelihood industry began to shut down without knowing what had happened in the city. There are no facilities around. In this situation, there is a big crisis of employment in front of the people. When the family was forced to die, the people had no choice but to flee. The photographer who photographed the city claimed to have photographed 16 such haunted cities around the world.



Social media: Pictures from 100 years ago came to the fore

People or basic things are not like this city
The city was a major center of cotton, but the industry also suffered a severe decline. Railways have also suffered extensive damage. Which becomes a cause for concern. At that time it seemed that the means of development would not continue in this city. Probably a divine curse hindered the progress of the city. So the residents here think it is better to leave the area. Although it was not so easy. Destroying a stable world and settling in a new city was a difficult journey. This empty city is now used as a film set. Many TV shows and movies have been shot here.

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