Snowfall disrupts life in Himachal; The village is dark, the road is closed

Snowfall disrupts life in Himachal; The village is dark, the road is closed

The hill villages of Kullu district are covered with snow. Heavy snowfall in the highlands has disrupted normal life. Speaking of Barshaini, Tosh, Nakthan, Grahan, Malana, Rashol in Manikarna valley of Kullu district, about two and a half to three feet of snow has fallen.


Due to the snowfall, bus services on Barshaini and Tosh Marg are also closed. The snowfall continued from Sunday night to Monday morning. The villages are covered with thick blankets of ice. Due to the extreme cold, people in rural areas are hiding in their houses, on the other hand, Bijli Mahadev has also snowed anew. Traffic in rural areas of Kullu district has also been disrupted due to snowfall.


Snowfall in Nauhardhar of Haripurdhar in Sirmaur, darkness in hundreds of villages, disrupted public life

Sanjeev Tagore – Naodhar

New. Heavy snowfall in the hilly areas of Sirmaur district has disrupted public life in hundreds of villages in Haripurdhar and Nawhardhar areas. Snowfall started from Saturday in Haripurdhar and Nahardhar areas, which continued on Monday. Although the Public Works Department is engaged in removing snow with JCB, the department is facing problems in removing snow due to continuous snowfall.

Besides, power supply to hundreds of villages has been cut off. Many lines are broken. In such a snowfall, the employees of the power board are busy restoring electricity. However, due to heavy snowfall, most of the connecting roads including several main roads in the region have been closed. The communication of the people of the area with the district and the state has been cut off.


Tourists should not come to Parashar in the four-foot snow sheet at the religious place of Mandi

Market. The incessant rains and snowfall continued throughout the state. Parashar Rishi, a famous religious place in Mandi district, has been receiving heavy snowfall since last day. Parashar sage priest Tirtha Raj said it was snowing for the second time of the season and about four feet of snow had fallen. He said the snowfall was continuing. In such a situation no tourist should come towards the temple premises. He said that due to heavy snowfall, the road leading to the temple premises was closed from all sides. The district administration has also banned tourists from visiting the temple premises. The temple priest humbly requested all the tourists and devotees to keep themselves safe without taking the risk of coming to Parashar.

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