ROAD FC 61 Live: Watch Free 2022 Road Fighting Championship 61 Live Fight

ROAD FC 61 Athletes are in poor condition due to weight loss. It’s the day before the match, so my nerves are sharp. Beast is full of Except for the roar of the athletes passing the weigh-in, it is usually quiet. Laughter is hard to expect.

However, the weigh-in of ‘Gone Road FC 061’ held at Wonju General Gymnasium on the 22nd was different. a smile spread The players, coaches, and officials all relaxed their tense bodies.

Shin Dong-guk (41, Chungju MMA / Team Force), a current firefighter fighter and called the ‘Korean version of Miochicchi’, passed the weigh-in at 76.2 kg and brought his twin sons to the face-off.


ROAD FC 61 Live

ROAD FC 61 Kick-Off Time

Name: Road FC 61

Title: Road Fighting Championship 61

Date: Jul 23, 2022

Time: 7:00 PM PST Check Road FC 61 Local Time and Date

Location: Wonju Gymnasium, Wonju, Gangwon, South Korea

Organization: Road Fighting Championship


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ROAD FC 61 He faced Nandin Erden (35, team fighter) holding his two sons, who were cute and strong like rice cakes, in his left and right hands. Nandin Erden is a fierce enemy the next day, but outside the octagonal ring, he is a close opponent.

He gave up a son to such an enemy without hesitation. He took the picture with ‘four’, not two. The two babies were expressionless, but the two adults had raised corners of their mouths. It was a cozy scene that is rare in a mixed martial arts system.

Shin Dong-guy said, “Last year, I lost to Park Seung-mo by KO and announced my retirement, but I came back because I wanted to recover.” “Now that I’m a twin father, I will play a great match against Nandin Erden with ‘Father’s Power’. But my opponent is too strong (laughs)” I posted my semi-final vote.

Nandin Erden also replied, “Mixed Martial Arts is a difficult sport. So tomorrow (23rd) we have no choice but to fight fiercely.

After the weigh-in was over, Shin Dong-guk once again took to the podium with his twin sons, wife, and relatives. He took family photos that will become precious memories. “It’s really cute,” “The baby doesn’t even whine.” There were a lot of compliments that were nice to hear.

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Road FC 061 Division 1

July 23, 1 PM Wonju General Gymnasium

1. [Bantamweight] Son Jae-min (61.3 kg) VS Yoo Jae-Nam (62.0 kg)

2.[75 kg contract weight] Lee Jeong-Gyu (75.3 kg) VS Choi Ji-Woon (75.5 kg)

3. [Middleweight] Uchiha Song (83.6 kg) VS Jeong Jin-shop (84.1 kg)

4.[63 kg contract weight ] ] Lee Jeong-Hyeon (63.5 kg) VS Park Jae-Seong (63.0 kg)

5. [Featherweight] Han Min-hyeong (65.8 kg) VS Park Min-soo (65.8 kg)

6. [Flyweight] Lee Jae-hoon (56.4 kg) VS Choi Young-chan (57.1 kg)

ROAD FC 61 Park Siwon-Park Seungmo (from left) The face-off was tight. It was different from Nandin Erden-Shin Dong-guk. ⓒ Wonju, reporter Lee Gyo-Seok

Park Si-won’s 20-year-old ambition stood out. She heightened her mood by pushing her face off to her 9-year-old brother Park Seung-mo when she was face-off.

ROAD FC 61 When Park Seung-mo, who first grabbed the microphone, opened the door, “I’ll KO and become the champion tomorrow. I’m going to step on the growing sprout of a fearless young guy.” I am confident tomorrow. I will become the lightweight champion.


Road FC 061 Division 2

July 23rd at 3 pm Wonju General Gymnasium

1. [Lightweight Title Fight] Siwon Park (70.3kg) VS Seungmo Park (70.4kg)

2. [Flyweight] Jeonghyeon Lee (57.5kg) VS Taiki Akiba (57.5kg)

3.[76kg Contract Weight] Nandin Erden (76.5kg) VS Dongguk Shin (76.2kg)

4. [ Atom weight] Park Jeong-Eun (48.3 kg) VS Hong Yun-ha (48.8 kg)*

5. [Unlimited weight] Shim Geon-oh (134.9 kg) VS Bae Dong-Hyun (110.3 kg)

6. [Light heavyweight] Kim Tae-in (93.4 kg) VS Park Jeong-Kyo (92.1 kg)

7.[75 kg contract weight ] ] Yunseo Shin (74.9kg) VS Hanyong Lee*

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The sights are plentiful. In addition to the Nandin Erden-Shin Dong-guk match, Park Si-won (20, Cowboy MMA) and Park Seung-mo (29, Team Genius) are responsible for the main event of the tournament. Aim for the vacant lightweight championship belt.

‘High School Rapper Fighter’ Lee Jeong-Hyeon (20) plays Akiba Taiki (32, Japan) against Japan, and veteran Park Jeong-go (43, Park Jeong-Kyo Black Bear Camp) retires by sacrificing ‘Gimhae President’ Kim Tae-in (29, Road FC Kim Tae-in-Jim) I’m trying to win

The first part of Road FC 061 will start at 1:00 PM on the 23rd, and the second part will start at 3:00 PM on the same day. You can watch it on SPOTV, Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV.

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