RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang live : How To Watch Free 2022 MMA & Kickboxing Event live Stream

RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang live Rizin Fighting Federation makes a little more effort to travel to the main island of Okinawa in the second year.
On Wednesday, Promotions released the bulk of the 13-game Rizin 36 lineup on Twitter. One contains 11 MMA matches and two are under the rules of kickboxing. On Friday, Lysine confirmed the fight via a press release, officially ordered the match, and stated the head of the company. The event will take place on July 2 at the Okinawa Arena in Okinawa, Japan. According to the press release, the broadcast may be changed next month, but will only be available in Japanese commentary and text.

RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang live

RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang live Kick Off Time

Date: Saturday, July 2
Main card: 1:00 AM ET
Main event Venue: Okinawa Arena

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RIZIN 36 Shoji Maruyama vs Ji Yong Yang live At a press conference, Lysine CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced the fight while providing the latest information on the card, saying: From legends to prospects, some local stars are willing to showcase their skills on major platforms. We will hold a fulfilling event and return to the wonderful island of Okinawa. We started accelerating the pace of the event this summer and are considering another 7-8 events for the rest of the year. ”

The show’s protagonist is a bantamweight scrap between former champion Kai Asakura (19-4) and South Korea’s undefeated Lysine debut Jiyoung Yang (4-0). Asakura, a favorite of the Rizin 2021 bantamweight tournament, advanced to the final and did not reach Hiromasa Ougikubo. The defeat put an end to three consecutive victories, all three of which came in 2021. Throughout Lysine’s career, which began in 2017, Asakura sits on the leaderboard and holds the second-most wins and the third-most knockouts in many categories. Opponent Yang made his professional debut in July 2020, defeating four enemies and setting a record of 8 to 1.

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RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang  When Kohei Tokeshi (6-8) meets Atsushi Kishimoto (6-6-2), drawing a joint heading assignment is a minor clash. Tokeshi won Lysine for the first time in February when he knocked out Harry Stallone at the second cage-based trigger event. Kishimoto will make his lysine debut following two wins in the last two years. Other notable matches include the featherweight tilt between Kyle Aguon (14-10) and Sora Yamamoto (11-4), and between Miyu Yamamoto (6-6) and Saori Oshima (8-3). Includes a pair of two Super Atom Weights (108 lbs). Miyu Oshima (4-5) and Moeri Suda (5-3) won the atom weight ranking.

RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang live Lineup

1.Kai Asakura vs. Ji Yong Yang – bantamweight
2. Kohei Tokeshi vs. Atsushi Kishimoto – lightweight
3. Tanner Lourenco vs. Oriya Oshiro – lightweight
4. Hiroaki Suzuki vs. Ren Hiramoto – featherweight
5. Kyle Aguon vs. Sora Yamamoto – featherweight
6. Yutaro Muramoto vs. Shinichi Kojima – flyweight
7. Yuki Ito vs. Yuichi Miyagi – flyweight
8. Yamato Fujita vs. Tatsuya So – flyweight
9.Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa – 119-pound catchweight
10. Miyuu Yamamoto vs. Saori Oshima – super-atom weight
11.Mizuki Oshiro vs. Moeri Suda – super atomweight
12. Katsumi Miyagi vs. Yuki Yoshino – 160-pound catchweight kickboxing
13. Taiga vs. Soichiro Mita – bantamweight kickboxing

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RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang live Match Info

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RIZIN 36 Maruyama vs Yang 21-year-old Sora Yamamoto was recognized by RIZIN and is now facing his first international battle and the greatest test against Kyle Aguon. Both are comfortable on the ground, but Yamamoto wants to create opportunities by moving around in a tight state with Aguon and stopping each opponent’s chances one by one. How does Yamamoto deal with Aguon’s chess-like approach, and how does Aguon deal with Yamamoto’s wild scramble? This battle can be a very exciting battle or a very slow battle.

RIZIN 36 Shoji Maruyama vs Ji Yong Yang live Miyagi, one of the top fighters representing Okinawa, challenges Ito. Miyagi made his RIZIN debut with a shocking KO and is aiming for two consecutive victories in the RIZIN ring. If Ito has a strong mind and body, he can be an absolute beast. Both fighters like strikes, but Miyagi likes to confuse things more. It is a great flyweight striker with devastating power in his hand. How Ito deals with the transition from Miyagi’s batter to fighting will determine what the fight will be like. The key to this battle is distance. However, taking advantage of the distances that are advantageous to them is advantageous in battle.

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