Ovarian cancer occurs in women and girls for a variety of reasons.

 Ovarian cancer occurs in women and girls for a variety of reasons.

There is still a lack of awareness among women about ovarian cancer. This is because women have a lower risk of developing this disease than breast, uterine and cervical cancer. Recurrence occurs in 50% of cases of ovarian cancer. This was stated by Dr. Sarika Gupta, Cancer Specialist, Apollo Hospital.

What is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is simply called ovarian cancer. This cancer causes small cysts to form in a woman’s ovaries. Women may find out about this disease later. So many times this disease is caught in the third to fourth stage. In fact, during ovarian cancer, there is no major pain in the body, which is why women go to the doctor immediately. The disease can also be genetic. In this case, all the women in the family who have had the disease should be tested from time to time to avoid this terrible disease.

Ovarian cancer

Why is ovarian cancer?

Breast Cancer – Women who have had breast cancer also have a higher risk of developing this cancer.

Endometriosis – Women diagnosed with endometriosis also have an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Obesity – Obese women can also have problems with ovarian cancer.

Age – One of the other causes of ovarian cancer is age. This disease can affect women with age.

Genetic causes – If a woman in a woman’s family suffers from this disease, then other women in the family are also at increased risk of getting this disease, because genetic factors can also cause this disease.

What are the important symptoms to be aware of?

Swelling – If there is swelling in the abdomen, it is important to seek medical help without delay. Women think of indigestion and indigestion and take medicine and powder. However, flatulence is a symptom of ovarian cancer. It is important to understand this situation and see a doctor immediately.

Loss of appetite – This is also considered normal, but loss of appetite and feeling satiated after eating less is also a sign of ovarian cancer. If a woman’s dose changes suddenly, she should consult a doctor.

Difficulty urinating – Feeling pain, burning or pressure while urinating is also a symptom.

Can this problem occur at a young age?

Dr. Gupta said that the disease can be caused even at a young age due to germ cell problems. Then that age is like a 9 year old or a 15 year old teenager. However, the cause of ovarian cancer at this young age is not genetic, but egg defect. When eggs begin to form in the body and there are problems with that process, the risk of ovarian cancer increases. ,

If the problem is in an ovary, an ovary is removed.

If there is a problem with both ovaries, then both ovaries are removed and the eggs are frozen.

There is no problem in pregnancy after removing an ovary or laying an egg.

Removal of both results in vaginal dryness, however, it is better to use a lubricant.


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