Outraged farmers told the minister-officials that if they did not meet Rahul, the villagers would sit on the road.

Outraged farmers told the minister-officials that if they did not meet Rahul, the villagers would sit on the road.

Farmers in Nawa Raipur, who have been on strike for 30 days, want to meet former Congress national president Rahul Gandhi on February 3. The New Capital Affected Farmers Welfare Committee has written letters to the Congress state president, three government ministers and senior officials. It has been said that if there is no meeting, the villagers of Nawa Raipur area will be sitting on the road.

Outraged farmers

Rupon Chandrakar, chairman of the New Capital Affected Farmers Welfare Committee, said on behalf of the committee, Agriculture Minister Rabindra Chaubey, Forest, Housing and Environment Minister Mohammad Akbar, Urban Development Minister Dr. A letter has been sent to Shiva Dahria. Similar letters have been written to Congress state president Mohan Markam, Avanpur MLA Dhanendra Sahu, Additional Chief Secretary Subrata Sahu and Raipur Collector Sourav Kumar. In it, we said that our 10-member delegation wants to hold talks with Rahul Gandhi on February 3. The discussion will focus on the injustice done to the farming families affected by the development of Nawa Raipur. We want to tell Rahul Gandhi that despite the land acquisition rehabilitation law enacted under his leadership, he is not being compensated four times his land. 20,000 acres of our land has been taken away without rehabilitation. NRDA is doing business by buying land from us at Rs 11-12 per sq ft and selling it at Rs 1700 per sq ft.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Chhattisgarh on 3 February: Chief Minister- Chief Secretary arrives at Science College to check preparations; Domes for the meeting, there will also be exhibitions

The peasants reiterated their demands

The ban on the sale and purchase of independent land since 2005 should be lifted immediately.

The 26 affected villages will have to cancel the notification of urban declaration.

The whole rural settlement has to be leased.

1200 sq ft of developed land should be distributed to each adult in the affected area.

Fee allocation in proportion to the land acquired under mutually agreed land acquisition.

The annual amount of land acquired must be paid immediately.

The decision of the twelfth meeting of the empowered committee has to be followed.

There should be a provision to pay four times the compensation to the landowners who have not received compensation.

Awaiting the response of the government, it is also preparing to take action

Farmer leaders said they were now awaiting the government’s response. The justice, intentions and intentions of the state government will become clear from his reply. If no government meeting is held, the farming families of all the affected villages in Nawa Raipur will leave their homes and sit on all the streets. The farmers said that the movement will continue till justice and rights are obtained.

In fact, farmers in 26 villages in the Nawa Raipur area have been protesting with nine demands that have been pending for many years. These farmers have been holding a sit-in in front of the NRDA building for the last 30 days. On January 26, he protested by assembling a tractor. He spoke to government ministers three days ago. But no fruit could come out of it.

The farmers did not listen to the ministers, the movement will continue: 3 ministers talked for 4 hours with the agitating farmers in Naya Raipur; The farmer said- not assurance, action is needed

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