Omicron’s subvariant BA.2 is 33% more contagious than the original strain, and the booster is also at risk.

Omicron’s subvariant BA.2 is 33% more contagious than the original strain, and the booster is also at risk.

Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2 has taken over Denmark. In a recent study, Danish scientists reported that the first sub-variant of BA.2 Omicron was 33% more contagious than BA.1 and was increasingly affecting people who took Booster.

Omicron's subvariant BA.2

Subverbs are similarly family members of the original form of the virus. Simply put, Omicron (B.1.1.529) is a parent variant of the coronavirus, which has three sub-variants or strains – BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3. Like Omicron, they also work to spread the infection faster in humans.

The study was conducted between December and January by scientists from the Statence Serum Institute, University of Copenhagen, Statistics Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark. In the study, 8,500 cases of corona virus were investigated. Scientists found that those patients who had a BA.2 infection were 33% more likely to infect others than BA.1 patients.

Frederick Plesner, the lead scientist in the study, said that if you came into contact with the BA.2 subvariate in your family, you had a 39% chance of becoming infected within the next seven days. On the other hand, if you come in contact with BA.1, the chances of getting infected are 29%.

The study further found that there was no difference between the risk of hospitalization for infection with the BA.1 and BA.2 sub variants of Omicron.

BA.2 to the immune system easily

By occupying it is able to easily defeat the human immune system, which is why those who have been fully vaccinated and boosted are also affected.

However, the need for vaccination has also been highlighted in the study. According to health experts, current corona vaccines are effective against all sub-variants of Omicron. They are effective in protecting us from serious illness and hospitalization.

Currently, more than 81% of people in Denmark have been fully vaccinated and 61% have been given a booster dose.

Influential strain made in Denmark BA.2

Most of the global Omicron is a BA.1 submarine. However, BA.2 is rapidly replacing it. Cases are being reported in many countries, including the United States, Britain, India, Sweden, and Norway. Currently, it has become an influential strain in Denmark. Here 82% of Omicron cases are of BA.2 strain.

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