Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić Live : Watch Free 2022 MMA Fight live

Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić The great battle of Czech MMA is approaching. On Saturday, July 23, 2022, the largest Czech fighting organization Oktagon prepared a stellar evening under the open sky. The main attraction of the evening will be the match Vémola vs. Ilič, which will become Prague’s Štvanice.


Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić on the central court of the Štvanice area, tennis will be replaced by a sport that has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Recently, Jiří Procházka’s global success has also significantly increased the awareness of MMA, thanks to winning the UFC light heavyweight title belt.


In the Czech lands, Karlos Vémola is another famous representative of combat sports, which, among other things, are based on strict rules. The 37-year-old fighter nicknamed “The Terminator” is a former middleweight champion of the Octagon. To win the light heavyweight title, he must now defeat Serbian opponent Aleksandar Ilić.

Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić Live

Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić Live Kick Off Time.


Competition: Vémola vs Ilić
Date: July 23, 2022
Kick-off: 01:00 PM ET
Stadium: Prague, Czech Republic

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Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić The start of the summer sports event, as the organizers call the octagon with the serial number 34, begins at 7:00 p.m. In the initial six, several Czech fighters will be introduced, led by the winner of the Octagon Underground Daniel Skvor, or the number one Bantam Philippe Mack.


Five main card battles will follow. In addition to Vemola’s decisive encounter with Iliac, viewers can expect a fight between sixth-ranked Mateusz Kohout and fourth-ranked lightweight fighter Mateusz Lagersky, with front-runner Mateus Kurtze looking to make up for a painful loss from the last fight.

Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić Full Event Card 


Main tab Weight
Karlos Vémola (Czech Republic) – Aleksandar Ilic (Serb.) light heavyweight (title)
Matouš Kohout (Czech Republic) – Mateusz Legierski (Poland) light
Máté Kertész (Hungary) – Vladislav Kančev (Bulgaria) welterweight
Roman Paulus (SK) – Dawid Kareta (Poland) feather
Jan Siroký (Czech Republic) – Tomáš Fiala (Czech Republic) light
Prelims matches
Daniel Škvor (Czech Republic) – Panagiotis Stroumpoulis (Greece) semi-heavy Michael
Michal Konrád (CZ) – David Moon (Can.) feather
Michal Kotalík (Czech Republic) – Ole Magnor (Norway) medium
Filip Macek (Czech Republic) – Mikael Silander (Fin.) bantam
Cornelia Holm (Sweden) – Róża Gumienna (Poland) bantam (W)
Václav Holota (CZ) – Max Handanagić (CZ) welterweight


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Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić The announced title fight against Serbian Aleksandar Ili has drawn a lot of reactions. Someone who hasn’t arrived on the Czech-Slovak scene yet will be fighting for the light heavyweight title of the Octagon MMA organization.

This raised many question marks in the ranks of the fans. “I’ve seen fans criticize the opponent, but the context doesn’t reflect how difficult it is for Carlos to find an opponent,” Waymol coach Andre Reinders explained in an interview with Sport. CZ. The Czech MMA icon also spoke about what a duel against the Serbian wrestler might look like or the next steps in Vemol’s career.

Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić If you look at the standings, there was no one to pick. Stephen Puetz recently played a game where he needs a break and he’s not ready. Also, a match between the two terminators is planned for the future, which he will surely like to improve.

There’s Attila, with whom Carlos wants a rematch. Jim also has collaborators, Milos Petrasek and Robin Fossum. Jorik Montagnac has an injured arm for a change and Alexander Poppek refuses to fight. And in tenth place is Dan Skover. But none of them came to mind, I had to look elsewhere. Most of the wrestlers ranked around Carlos are signed elsewhere, such as the UFC, Bellator, or the PFL.

Oktagon 34 Vémola vs Ilić It’s always about everyone having a strong point or a weapon. Yet anyone can do anything. That doesn’t mean he can’t fight on the ground if he’s a standing guy. It’s always about who can showcase their style.

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That’s why I always say MMA has not figured skating. You don’t play for looks, you don’t play for points for your performance, but you will win. Whoever implements his game wins. Likewise, Ilic can win if he lands a good shot. He was also successful against Olympic medalist Janikowski. He was one of the best wrestlers but he hit it with a high kick. Pasternak also had a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before the fight with Carlos, the same Javier.

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