NASA warns that a huge asteroid could hit Earth on February 11, just 3 days before Valentine’s Day

NASA warns that a huge asteroid could hit Earth on February 11, just 3 days before Valentine’s Day

Many asteroid attacks rain down on Earth every day from space. Some of these are very small. So some fall directly into the sea. However, sometimes some large asteroids fall to Earth. The devastation that can be caused by them is unthinkable. History has it that dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the earth when the giant asteroid collided with the earth. Now NASA has announced that an asteroid will pass very close to Earth on February 11th. If it hits the earth, it will be destroyed.

The size of this asteroid is much larger than the Empire State Building. Also, it will move closer to Earth in a few weeks. Named 138971 (2001 CB21). In addition, NASA has considered it a potential danger. Its width is 4,265 feet. NASA has listed it as an asteroid passing by Earth. Although it is one of the closest asteroids to Earth, it will actually travel three million miles from Earth.

This asteroid was first seen on February 21, 1900. Since then, it has moved closer to the solar system almost every year. This asteroid was last seen on 18 February 2021. It was previously visible in 2011 and again in 2019. Right now, NASA has not said where it will go, but it has confirmed that it will go closer to Earth on February 11 and then on April 24.




Larger than the Empire State Building

After that, the asteroid will be directly visible in January 2024, then in June and again in December. According to NASA calculations, the asteroid will pass by Earth by October 11, 2194. Let us tell you that there are many asteroids that move close to the earth but their information is not available. Under such circumstances NASA has started a project which will end this problem. In fact, such asteroids, whose data are not available, are doomed if they accidentally collide with the Earth. In such cases special attention is paid to these planets.

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