FIBA Women’s World Championship 
September 29, 2022, 4:30 pm
Belgium W
Australia W

Match Preview

Belgium W vs Australia W



Australia’s Opals will face Belgium for their first knockout match at the women’s basketball World Cup in Sydney this Thursday after dodging an early meeting with tournament favourites USA.

The structure of the World Cup draw is such that the top-two teams in one group are drawn randomly against the bottom two from the other, meaning the first and second-placed teams could meet either the third or fourth-placed team from the opposite side of the draw.

Two players from the Mali team come to blows in the press area at the women’s basketball World Cup in Sydney.
Mali players apologise for fighting each other at women’s basketball World Cup

Australia finished on top of Group B by defeating Japan 71-54 on Tuesday night and will avoid meeting Group A winners the USA until the tournament final, should both sides get there.