KAIKA TOKYO AWARD 2022 will be held from December 23, 2021 to February 2022, with Mr. Yuji Akimoto (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts, Director of Nerima Art Museum) and Mr. Tomio Koyama (Representative of Tomio Koyama Gallery) as judges. The 13th was held as a recruitment period. A total of 291 paintings, ceramics, and sculptures were submitted from all over Japan, and 3 prize-winning works and 12 winning works were selected. These 15 works will be stored and exhibited in the hotel for about two years from March 2022, and will be appreciated by many guests from Japan and abroad.



KAIKA TOKYO AWARD 2022 Grand Prize

Roppongi Yurika “ENTER”

Mr. Roppongi’s works have beautiful colors and are carefully written down to the details, so I never get tired of looking at them. I think that the artist has a story to tell and is drawing towards it, but I felt that this is an interesting work that allows you to enter the world of the painting from the perspective of each viewer.

I thought that Roppongi’s work could convey various stories depending on the viewer. In the presentation, I heard that the artist intended the three-headed dragon to represent the past, present, and future. I thought it was a rich work that could see various scenes.


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KAIKA TOKYO AWARD 2022 Nanasai Kondo “Mysterious Furniture”

At the stage of the application materials, I didn’t know how carefully Mr. Kondo’s work was made, but the real thing was very particular about details, and it was a quality that could be released to the world as a product. I felt that it was new in that it combines the appeal of both sides, both as an art object and as a unique piece of furniture that can actually be used.


Other selected works (author name in alphabetical order)
Taku Irisawa “formation”
Hiroto Enomoto “Thought Accumulation”
Aya Kamada “Thesingbreaksuptheprotractedponderoussilence.”
Kunimasa Satoshi “The Scale of Habits”
Zarazua Raphael “Growing up”
Tenyo Nagai “metaraciton #10”
Asuka Nakajima “Overlapping Time, Overlapping Paper”
Daiki Nishimura “Until Melting into the World”
Chiaki Matsumoto “ROOM_#007_1”
Nonomi Miyahara “DRIFT”
Zeng Qiaowen “Wujie 1-16”
Aoi Yokomura “Apartment


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