Japan vs Australia Basketball Live : Watch Free 2022 World Cup qualification Asia

Japan vs Australia Basketball Live Men’s basketball teams around the world dress in their national colors for the third screen of the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup qualifiers from June 27 to July 7.

This window is the last phase of the first round. And it will decide which teams from the four regions will enter the second phase.

With tons of loop action taking place around the world. This is your all-in-one guide to the first qualifying round. The first is a summary of the certification process.

Japan vs Australia Basketball Live


Japan vs Australia Basketball Live Kick-off Time

Start Date: 01 July 2022
Time:3:40 PM

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Japan vs Australia 80 teams in four regions – Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas – have six windows in 15 months to compete for a spot in the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup co-hosted by Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.

While the number of teams each region sends to next year’s showpiece varies, the qualifier system is the same.

In the first round, which consists of three windows, teams are divided into groups and play against everyone in their group twice, home and away (except the Africa region which meets in two tournaments).

The top three teams from all groups will advance to the second round after all matches. Those who are successful will merge into groups of six teams. For Asia, Africa, and America regions there will be two groups of six teams, for Europe, there will be four.

Japan vs Australia Basketball Live World Cup 2023 Qualifiers: Format recap

Japan vs Australia Brian Goorjian returned to coach the Boomers for his first event since Tokyo 2020 and has been locked up to lead the series in his hometown. and will join Matthew Dellavedova, the three-time Olympic and bronze medalist.

The Boomers welcome the new but familiar to the court with the seasoned name representing Australia for the first time, Jack White, the 2-foot-tall Thon Maker and NBA G-League’s Melbourne United Championship player and former captain. of Duke University has joined the team.

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Current Adelaide 36ers captain and NBL champion Mitch McCarron and Perth Wildcat, Todd Blanchfield will once again represent the green and gold. After both being part of the Boomers’ Gold Medal 2017 FIBA ​​Asia Cup campaign, NBL doubles champions Clint Steindl and Wani Swaka Lo Buluk and 2021 NBL champion Sam McDaniel will Enter the court as the first Australian Boomers.

Sam Froling and Jack McVeigh will make a second senior international referee. Having previously played in 2021 and 2019 respectively, Froling will receive the NBL Most Improved Player (MIP) award until 2021, while New Zealand Breakers’ 2022 NBL MIP, Keanu Pinder, and Will McDowell White will represent the colors. green and gold for the first time

This Boomer team announcement is an allusion to Australia’s basketball journey, with 7 of the 12 selected players progressing through the AIS and BA centers of excellence.

Japan vs Australia Basketball World Cup qualification schedule

Thursday, June 30 Australia v China 6:30pm AEST
Friday, July 1 China v Chinese Taipei 5:00pm AEST
Friday, July 1 Japan v Australia 7:30pm AEST
Sunday, July 3 Japan v Chinese Taipei 4:00pm AEST
Sunday, July 3 China v Australia 6:30pm AEST
Monday, July 4 Chinese Taipei v China 6:30pm AEST


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Japan vs Australia I’m excited about the depth of basketball talent in Australia, we’ve put together a competitive list of players, six of whom are playing as Boomers for the first time. We know what China and Japan will bring and what it will take to win.”

“We can expect Thon Maker at 7ft to be an important asset to us, besides Delly, White, and Froling there is a lot to enjoy with this group. We only have a short time to train together, but we’ll make it count, I know the home crowd will give us the advantage,” said Goorjian.

Jack White has represented Australia at junior competitions and is up for the chance to perform and officially be a Boomer.

“It has always been a dream of mine to represent the Boomers ever since I started taking basketball seriously. I’ve been lucky enough to represent Australia at junior and college events three times, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing green and gold and playing for your country,” said White.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to represent the Boomers at this event, especially on home soil for Australian fans, friends, and family and I know it will be a special moment that I will never forget.”

Matt Scriven, CEO of Basketball Australia, said: “It is thanks to the support of the Victorian Government that we can hold these international competitions here in Melbourne and inspire young fans to become the next Boomers.

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