Islam Makhachev vs Bobby Green Live Stream: How to Watch Free Fight card, start time, live stream and More

Islam Makhachev vs Bobby Green Live Stream: How to Watch Free Fight card, start time, live stream and More

 Islam Makhachev vs Bobby Green Live Stream: How to Watch Free Fight card, start time, live stream and More Islam Makhachev and Bobby Green prepare for a five-round chaos with the title effect on Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night. Makhachev is in the running for the UFC title, while Green Nevada has taken steps to throw a wrench at those plans at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Makhachev (21-1) intends to clear any doubts in the front row for the UFC Lightweight Championship. Many see the scheduled match with Benel Drewch as a snatch of the title. Darius withdrew from the fight due to injury and now Optics is different. A victory by any means may not be enough to convince Makhachev with a title shot against the winner of Charles Oliveira’s match against Justin Gates. Makhachev must impose his will on Green, a quick-witted surrogate known for most boxing. Makhachev, an influential wrestler, entered nine matches five times in a row.

“Of course, because it’s going to be my 10-fight winning streak, and I really think that’s the key to the title fight,” Makhachev told reporters on Wednesday. “I think Olivera will beat Justin Gethsemane, and [it will be] 11 wins for 10 in a row. This is going to be a big fight for all my fans.

“I have to finish Bobby Green’s first role, and I will.”

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Green (29-12-1) has the potential to make a huge difference in MMA history. He headlined a major underdog on Saturday night. Green went into battle two weeks after a three-round battle against a completely different style of opponent at UFC 271 on 12 February, and will fight and win rather than win the fight no matter which way he fights. A modern classic match between Striker vs. Gladiator, filled with Green Fear.

“With Islam, he does what he does, but to be honest, it’s kind of annoying,” Green told a pre-war lobbying session. “No one wants to see her. No one cares. I fall asleep watching her fight, and then it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s the end of it.’

“This is the real test, to make someone annoying and exciting. How can I do it? Can I do it? Can I get it out of my ass? I think I can do it … It’ll be fun. I’ll I want to make sure it’s fun. ”

The card below is also filled with some fun matches. Experienced Misha Serkunov returns when he faces Wellington Terman in the middleweight. Gee Eon Kim and Priscilla Cachoiara are ready to lose the women’s flyweight. With the potential for feather weight increasing, Arman Sarukian is facing tough tests from Joel Alvarez, battling Gregory Rodriguez and Armen Petrosian in the middleweight division.

UFC Fight Night Card,

See UFC Fight Night info

Date: February 26 | Start time: 7 PM ET

Location: UFC Apex – Las Vegas, Nevada

TV / Stream: ESPN +


Islam Makhachev vs. Bobby Green: This is Green’s worst situation in terms of style match. Thanks to him for fighting in such a short time, but I doubt that Green can overtake Makhachev even with a complete boot camp. Green, in his own words, is more attracted to exciting fights than to tournament attractions. Combat sports require fighters like the greens, but this guiding principle often falls short of what is needed to compete at the highest level of perfection in the sport. Makhachev’s struggle is the solution to a difficult puzzle. Concentrating on boxing is not the answer to the Makhachev puzzle of a fighter more interested in entertainment than winning in any necessary way. Makhachev insisted that the first round should be completed. In terms of short-term pairing, I hope Makhachev will take some extra time and read the green time. Choose: Makahchev via SUB2

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