Find out why people in India buy iPhones

23 lakh iPhones sold in India in 90 days: cheapest sale during festive season, profitable in local production; Find out why people buy iPhones? In the first quarter of this year, most iPhones were bought in India. According to market research firm Counterpoint, iPhone sales increased to 2.3 million phones in the October-December quarter, up 34% from a year earlier. However, in the same quarter, Xiaomi’s phones were bought for Rs 93 lakh and Samsung’s for Rs 72 lakh.


While Apple is lagging behind in terms of phone sales, it is ahead of other smartphone companies in terms of revenue. The reason for this is the high price of the iPhone. Apple made আয় 2.09 billion (about Rs 16,000 crore) in the fourth quarter, followed by Samsung with $ 2 billion (Rs 15,000 crore).

The company has benefited from the discount offer on festival sales

3 The increase is believed to be due to Apple’s initiative to open online stores in India and offer discounts on iPhones. Recently from October to December, during the festive sales and gift season in India, the company offered iPhone 12 models priced below Rs 50,000 ($ 668), cashback and easy EMI.

Apple gets competition from Xiaomi and Samsung

Apple may be the most valuable company due to the global popularity of the iPhone, but it faces a daunting challenge in India’s 1.3 billion population market. The reason for this is that the iPhone is thought to be out of reach of many local consumers. According to the World Bank, sales of Apple phones were lower in countries with a per capita income of less than $ 2,000 (Rs 1.50 lakh) in 2020.

According to Counterpoint, the average price of an iPhone in the country in the recent quarter was $ 908 (approximately Rs. 67,961), whereas Samsung was priced at $ 278 (approximately Rs. 20,809) and Xiaomi’s phone was priced at $ 172 (approximately Rs. 12,875).

If you buy an iPhone from the official online store in India, you will get the option of 5 thousand to 50 thousand EMI. At the same time, iPhone parts makers Foxconn and Vitron have plants in India, which has led to lower phone prices. Also, up to 11,000 discounts were offered on the iPhone at Amazon, Flipkart and Vijay sales during the festive season. Due to which the income of the company has also increased in India.

Apple has announced 8 benefits of switching from Android to iPhone

1. Easy to switch to iPhone

2. iPhone more secure

3. Regular OS updates

4. Makes it easy to move to iOS apps

5. Advanced camera of iPhone

6. iPhone is more powerful

7. Fast processor

8. Improved ecosystem

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