Does Putin want to be a hero of nationalism by invading Ukraine? NATO Solidarity Test

Does Putin want to be a hero of nationalism by invading Ukraine? NATO Solidarity Test

The clouds of war are gathering in Ukraine and Russia. Russia has also launched a blockade at sea after deploying more than 100,000 troops along the land border with Ukraine. Among other things, there is the question of why Putin is so eager to invade Ukraine. Experts believe that the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992 was the biggest reason behind this.

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Ukraine’s secession after the fall of the Soviet Union was one of the most traumatic events for Russia. Putin wants to change history by re-incorporating Ukraine into Russia. Putin wants to be the hero of Russian nationalism. The threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine has now grown the most since Crimea was annexed in 2014.

Ukraine’s contacts with the West have increased in recent years. That is why Putin is in a hurry to teach Ukraine a hard lesson. In addition, if Ukraine joins the NATO alliance, NATO forces will move closer to the Russian border. That is why Putin is in an aggressive mode.

NATO unity is also being tested amid threats of Russian aggression in Ukraine. US President Joe Biden also recently expressed doubts about NATO’s unity. An example of this is when Germany refused to supply arms to Ukraine, despite US requests.

German Navy Chief K-Achim Schবাnbach has also sparked new controversy by praising Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine case. However, he later resigned after seeing the controversy escalate, but Ukraine sought an explanation from Germany.

America’s interests are also at risk

Experts say the US is playing a very active role in all of this, and that Russia will establish its dominance in Eastern Europe by invading Ukraine. This will be the victory of Russian monopoly over Western democracy. This will harm America’s interests.

Russia has launched a major war with 6,000 troops in Crimea, bordering the Black Sea in southeastern Ukraine. Crimea’s strategic area is only 56 kilometers from Chonhar in Ukraine. Russia has announced a new exercise of 25,000 troops on Ukraine’s land border.

Short-range ballistic missile units have also been included in the exercise. The inclusion of this unit is seen as a clear message from Russia to fight against Ukraine. Russia’s Defense Ministry has also released a video of the Scandar missile-carrying unit.

After Russia’s aggressive stance, US President Joe Biden hastily held a video conference with NATO’s European allies. High alert has been issued for US and NATO forces stationed in Europe.

Russian troops enter Ukraine: Russian troops enter Ukraine

The British Defense Secretary James Hippie has made a big statement. Hippie said Russian troops were looking for opportunities to attack. Britain has provided anti-tank missiles to help Ukraine. Ukraine, meanwhile, has demanded the capture of 50 Russian special services spies.

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