Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo Live : How To Watch Free 2022 Chilean Primera División live Online

Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo Live, Colo-Colo returned to Chile from Li with one point. This broadened his hopes in the Copa Libertadores and the realization that the next step was in the seventh region, where the obligations were as many as defeating the well-played Curicó and the promise of fighting. He was with 19 units, which was less. than two Albo de Quinteros, and with the victory over his people, He will overtake one of the favorites to restore the glory lost since the trophy at Pablo. Does suede win in 2017, Costa? Suspend.

Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo Live

Colo-Colo and Curicó Unido will perform one of the final fights on Day 12 of the 2022 National Championships, a match that will be played at the La Granja Stadium and there is a good chance of another extra lead.

Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo Live Cacique had the option to take the lead only if they added three to the visit of Curicó, given the fact that Unión Española, where they led together at the start of the day, was drawn against O’Higgins de Rancagüa.

Of course, Gustavo’s team Quinteros may offer some changes for this match. After playing with Alianza Lima on Thursday at the Copa Libertadores A potentially victorious clash for the Golo Colino team. But it ended in a draw and was heavily criticized. lack of settlement

Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo live Kick Off Time

Date: Monday, May 9.

Time:6:00 p.m. The farm.

TV channel: TNT

Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo Live Brayan Cortes; Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor, Gabriel Suazo; Cesar Sources, Esteban Pavez; Leonard Gil; Pablo Solari, Juan Martin Lucero and Marcos Bolados.

Banking: To define.Curico: Fabian Cerda; Juan Pablo Gómez, Franco Bechtholdt, Matías Cahais, Ronald de la Fuente; Yerko Leiva, Agustín Nadruz, Rony Albornoz; Federico Castro,

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Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo live Match officials

Referee: Alexis Herrera – Venezuela
Assistant No.1: Carlos López – Venezuela

Assistant No.2: Tulio Moreno – Venezuela

Fourth official: José Argote – Venezuela

Referee advisor: Patricio Polic – Chile

Video advisor: Fredy Arellanos – Peru


Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo live Playing XI

Colo Colo live Playing XI : 12. Omar Carabalí (GK), 02. Jeyson Rojas, 03. Daniel Gutiérrez, 04. Matías Zaldivia, 10. Christian Santos, 11. Marcos Bolados, 13. Bruno Gutiérrez, 14. Cristián Zavala, 20. Alexander Oroz, 26. Carlo Villanueva, 34. Vicente Pizarro, 35. Joan Cruz.

Curicó Unido live Playing XI:  12. Franco Petroli (GK), 33. Ezequiel Centurión (PO), 05. Bruno Zuculini, 07. Matías Suárez, 08. Agustín Palavecino, 14. Leandro González Pírez, 19. Braian Romero, 23. Emanuel Mammana, 26. José Paradela, 27. Cristian Ferreira, 29. Elías Gómez, 32. Tomás Pochettino.


Curicó Unido vs Colo Colo Live The team led by Gustavo Quinteros visits Hispanics on the mission of ratifying their ascension to stand at the top of the championship.

This Sunday, Colo-Colo visits Unión Española with the clear goal of achieving a victory that will put them at the top of the 2022 national championship.

The team led by Gustavo Quinteros grew after comfortably defeating Union La Calera in the monument. With goals from Bolados, Costa, and Solari, four successive wins put him in the lead with just one point over the defense.

On the other hand, the team led by César Bravo came from a 1-0 defeat of Audax Italiano in El Teniente which resulted in the fourth from 14 units.

Curicó Unido takes Colo Colo on Day 12 of the PlanVital Championship 2022.

The match will be played at Estadio Bicentenario La Granja in Curicó on Monday 9 May 2022 at 19:00.

Follow the Curicó Unido vs Colo-Colo match live and find out all about the match minute by minute. Playstyles, stats, and more!

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