China will soon launch 13,000 satellites into space, threatening India and the United States

China will soon launch 13,000 satellites into space, threatening India and the United States

China is preparing to launch a mission that could threaten the whole world, including India, with espionage. In this ‘mega-constellation’ mission, he will launch about 13,000 satellites into space, which will orbit the entire earth in low orbit.


A ‘mega-star’ is a network of thousands of satellites across the length and breadth of the earth to provide Internet service. Currently, the Starlink Internet service of the American space agency SpaceX is the most advanced in this mega-constellation, where about two thousand satellites are working.

The Daily Mail reports that the company to which China has entrusted the task is saying that through the space mission, China aims to dominate the Earth’s lower orbit.

China claims these satellites will strengthen the 5G network

Here, China says the mission is part of its 5G Internet rollout. Apart from these satellites, people in rural areas will also get better internet facilities. However, no information has been provided on how and what this satellite network will do.

SpaceX will be on the Starlink Chinese network

Like SpaceX, China will launch 12,992 satellites into low Earth orbit. Their range will be from 498.89 kilometers to 1144.24 kilometers from the earth’s surface. Through this, China will be able to provide its internet service all over the world. China plans to compete with Western companies.

According to the Daily Mail, this mission is a priority for China. Preparations are underway to build a ground based station for this. The companies involved in the project have decided to build a satellite internet industry in Chongqing, China.

Why is this network a concern in the world?

The Chinese government applied to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2020 for permission to send two Internet satellites into low orbit. But now news is coming that China has already signed the contract for this project. This has raised the concerns of the governments of the western countries.

Many countries have moved away from China since the Corona epidemic. At the same time, by repeatedly claiming Taiwan, China is making democracy-loving countries its adversaries. China could use the satellites to spy on enemy nations such as the United States and India, the report said. That being said, it could be difficult for other countries to track China’s maneuvering activities from space.

Also China has less data processing capacity, so they can prepare its ground stations in different countries of the world.


China has previously sent satellites to monitor, while China has sent satellites into space that monitor the Earth. According to China, these satellites are used to monitor marine disasters and the marine environment and to conserve water. The government has not provided any information on how these satellites work. This is why many countries suspect that China is spying on them through this project.

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