Ambani’s wealth decreased by 31 thousand crore rupees, Bajaj Finserv broke the most in 5 days

Ambani’s wealth decreased by 31 thousand crore rupees, Bajaj Finserv broke the most in 5 days

In the last 5 days, the biggest decline in the Asian market has been seen in India. Bajaj Finserve has the highest rate of 15% out of 30 Sensex stocks Where Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has decreased by 31 thousand crore rupees in one day.

Bajaj Finserv broke the most in 5 days

The biggest fall since November 26th

On Monday, the Indian market fell about 2.6%. It was the biggest one-day fall since November 26th. Today is the sixth day in a row that the stock market has fallen sharply. It started on January 18th. At this time, the Indian market is the most broken market in Asia. While the Nifty on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) fell nearly 7%, the Sensex on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) also lost 6.7%.

The South Korean market fell 3.4%

The South Korean market lost 3.40% while Taiwan lost 2.9%. The Japanese market also fell more than 2.5 percent. However, China, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong benefited from the Asian market. Shares of Reliance Industries fell 5% in two days.

Ambani’s wealth has decreased by Tk 6.75 lakh crore

As a result, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth decreased by Tk 31,000 crore in one day on Monday. Its assets now amount to Rs 6.75 lakh crore. On Monday, the assets of Adani Group’s Gautam Adani decreased by about Tk 26,000 crore. Now it is 6.37 lakh crore.

Of the 30 Sensex stocks, Bajaj fell the most

In the last 5 days, out of 30 Sensex stocks, Bajaj Finserv has lost the most 15%. It is now at Rs 15,707. Shares of Tech Mahindra fell 13% to Rs 1,512, Bajaj Finance fell 12% to Rs 6,932 and Wipro fell 12% to Rs 572.

Infosys down 11%

Infosys is the largest technology company after Wipro, down 11%. It is trading at 1736 rupees. Other Sensex stocks HCL Tech and Tata Steel were the biggest losers, falling 11-11% and IndusInd Bank fell 8%. Shares of Axis Bank recovered the most on Tuesday. Because Monday’s results came.

Axis Bank has earned Rs 3,614 crore

Axis Bank earned Rs 3,614 crore in the December quarter, three times more than a year ago. There are more than 900 stocks in the Lower Circuit on Monday. That is, they cannot read more than a certain limit in one day. Till this afternoon 500 shares are in the lower circuit. Nifty is below 17 thousand

In recent times, the Nifty has touched the 17,000 level for the first time today. In the morning, it fell 300 points to 16,836. Analysts believe that clarity will come only after the meeting of the US Federal Reserve. The decision of the meeting will come on January 26. The Indian market will be closed on this day. In other words, the effect of January 26 will be seen.

The US Federal Reserve may raise interest rates, which is perfectly expected. Another reason for the fall is the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The third reason is that foreign investors are constantly withdrawing money from the Indian market. 15 thousand crore rupees in 7 days.

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