Air India crew food rules, beauty pressure on air hostesses

 Air India crew food rules, beauty pressure on air hostesses

The Air India Cabin Crew Union has vehemently opposed a contract order with a new company to test the body mass index and weight of cabin crew members. The cabin crew has strongly objected to the union’s executive director of inflight services. On January 20, the All India Cabin Crew Association (AICCA) was informed that now every cabin crew member has to undergo BMI and weight test every three months.

 Air India crew food rules

Tattoos, including catering, are also prohibited on airlines. In addition to this, diet and exercise should also be taken into consideration. At that time eating rice and bread was forbidden.

Doctors do not check BMI and weight

The crew members objected that their BMI and weight had been announced to be checked by grooming associates without seeing a doctor, which is a violation of the rules. The AICCA also threatened to take legal action if the circular was not withdrawn. Grooming associates are responsible for recording cabin crew BMI management / grooming / uniforms, etc. when reporting for flight or standby duty.

Air India may be handed over to Tata this week

It could be handed over to Tata Group by the end of the week. This information was given by the senior officials of the government on Monday. At such times this protest of the crew members may come in the form of new problems. Last year, the government accepted a bid from Tata Sons to approve the acquisition of Air India. Along with Air India, 100 per cent stake in its affordable airline Air India Express will also be sold.

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