After wearing skirts for almost a century, the mini mouse finally wears pants Internet response

After wearing skirts for almost a century, the mini mouse finally wears pants  Internet response

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Disney Mini Mouse has just got a change! After nearly a century of wearing the iconic red polka dot dress, the world’s most beloved animated character, Mini Mouse, has received a wardrobe revamp. The Walt Disney character and Disney mascot Mickey Mouse girlfriend Stella McCartney ripped off her skirt for a pantsuit.

Wear this pantsuit to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Mini Disneyland Paris Theme Park, which coincides with International Women’s Day. The animated character will exchange her iconic red outfit for a dark blue pantsuit that will match a blazer and trousers and a blue and black bow.

British designer Stella McCartney was chosen to create the look because of her “legacy of female leadership” as well as her commitment to sustainability.

In a statement, McCartney said, “Minnie has always had a special place in my heart. We share the same values, and what I like about Minnie is that she expresses happiness, self-expression, truth … She also has a great style. ”

It is a blue tuxedo with black polka dots and a matching bow and it is made with responsive fabric.
McCartney was further quoted as saying, “This new adoption of his signature polka dot has made the Mini Mouse a symbol of progress for a new generation. In March 2022, she will wear it in honor of Women’s History Month. I can’t wait to see this new look at Walt Disney Studio Park! ”

It seems that very few users on the Internet are not very happy with the Mini Mouse makeover. Some were quick to point out that Mini had worn pantsuits in the past, some were against a complete change.

One user wrote, “We have to have the color of the iconic mini-mouse to go with it!” One user wrote, “I’m sorry but this is ugly sister”

Not that, a Twitter user wrote, “Way to go Disney, you turned Mini Mouse into Hillary Clinton.” Another added, “People:” Hey Disney, you should actually give gay / queer character stories and pay your employees a decent wage. “Disney:” Mini Mouse now wears pants suit. ”

“I’ve never been a Disney mascot fan but WTF?” Someone else said. “It simply came to our notice then. What, then, will he transform into Michael so that Mickey can fully reveal himself?


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