100th birthday Betty White : How to you watch Celebration movie?

The 100th birthday of American actress Betty White will not go unnoticed. As part of their celebration, friends will attend the Betty White: Birthday Celebration at 100 Years Young, which opens January 17 in 900 theaters across the United States.

100th birthday Betty White

Directed by Steve Boetcher and Mike Trinklain, viewers can follow White’s daily life, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the set and interactions with his team to save animal lives.

The legendary star died after a stroke, according to his death certificate, which may have caused tissue damage as a result of reduced blood flow to the brain.

The actress wanted Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Jay Leno, Carol Barnett, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, Valerie Bartinelli and all her friends. , James Corden, Wendy Malik and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In a statement issued after White’s death, producer couple Steve Boecher and Mike Trinklain said, “Today we are heartbroken by the death of Betty White.”

“Over the years that we’ve worked with her, we’ve created a great love and appreciation for Betty as a person and as a skilled artist . We will move forward with the plan to show the film … in the hope that our film will be released in May.” It will provide a way for those who love him to celebrate his life and experience what has made him a national treasure. ”

Movie ‘Celebration’

The film offers some of White’s most enduring moments in “The Golden Girls,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Hot in Cleveland,” and more. It will also include excerpts from her final interview and give fans a chance to understand what is most important to her.

The film will be screened in 900 theaters across the country today. It has been billed as a “one-day special” event, and there is no word yet on whether the film will eventually make its way to streaming services.

Below are some theaters in and around Los Angeles that the film will be shown today:

L.A. Live 14 (Los Angeles)

AMC Century City 15 (L.A.)

Fine Arts Theatre (Beverly Hills)

AMC CityWalk 18 (Universal City)

AMC Burbank 16 (Burbank)

AMC Southbay Galleria 16 (Redondo Beach)

Cinemark 18 and XD (Los Angeles)

AMC Del Amo 18 (Torrance)

AMC Rolling Hills 20 (Torrance)

AMC Norwalk 20 (Norwalk)

Regal Long Beach Stadium 26 (Long Beach)

AMC Santa Anita 16 (Arcadia)

Regal Alhambra Renaissance 14 (Alhambra)

AMC Atlantic Times Square 14 (Monterey Park)

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